Building a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Niagara for all

A lasting imprint for generations to come

Every infrastructure project in Niagara will leave a lasting imprint on our cities for generations to come.  Millions will be spent on projects over the next 10 years, and we can be intentional about what that imprint is. With citizen-led Community Benefits Agreements, we can ensure that the great economic profit of these projects includes investment in building the city we all need: 

  • providing affordable housing
  • creating equitable and inclusive employment opportunities
  • considering environmental sustainability
  • growing local business
  • breaking the cycle of poverty

We need your voice.

Our Purpose and Mission

Economic Capital
Social Capital

  • Equitable Development

    To unite the citizens of Niagara and their community-based organizations to achieve equitable development that provides the greatest benefit to all. 

  • Quality of Life

    To leverage public and private investments in communities to create decent work, affordable housing, and social infrastructure that improves the quality of life for all community members.

  • Community Investment

    To insist that true economic profitability must include investment in the community we all need.

A Community Benefits Network:

  • Ensures that residents benefit from the economic opportunities that large infrastructure projects will bring to the community.

  • Actively engages stakeholders from business and non-profit organizations, the community, school boards and labour unions to create a Community Benefit framework which represents the voices and concerns of our city.

  • Works with decision makers to negotiate development and infrastructure agreements that advance the priorities of our whole community.


Representing the concerns of our city

What is a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)?


CBAs aim to achieve better outcomes from building projects for the community. These are legal agreements between residents, community groups, developers and government. CBAs exist in North America and around the world and are a proven model to ensure that development projects are community-driven, collaborative and accountable.

Examples of benefits achieved from CBAs are affordable housing, childcare facilities, health and social services, decent work, and sustainable transportation and energy.


The power to make change is in your hands