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Niagara Community Benefits Network exists to support the good work your organization is already doing and to amplify your voice and your vision for the community we seek to build. 


Our Vision and Commitment

We envision a healthy and thriving Niagara in which all residents participate in building healthy communities and the benefits of a prospering economy.

We believe that a priority for a thriving community is the continued public and private investment in infrastructure and neighbourhood improvements that meet the needs of all residents today and for generations to come.

It is crucial that all the people of Niagara have access to economic opportunities stemming from infrastructure investments. As such, we believe that workers on infrastructure and urban development projects should reflect the diversity of residents in Niagara.

The Niagara Community Benefits Network, as members of Niagara’s communities, commit to working in partnership with key stakeholders on developing Community Benefits Agreements that can advance our vision for healthy, equitable and thriving cities and communities

I support the Niagara Community Benefits Network Vision and Commitment as stated above, and request to be listed as part of the good work that NCBN is doing together.

Intake Form - Individual

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